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This Privacy Policy was last updated on 2022/08/05.

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General Terms and the Conditions of Use

Welcome to our website , "the Website")。These General Terms and Conditions of Use (the "Terms") govern the access to and use of the Website. Please read these Terms carefully. By accessing and using the Website as well as by purchasing the products on the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to all or part of these Terms, we invite you not to use our Website. This website is managed and maintained by FIWFIW Co., Ltd. ("FIWFIW"), with registered office in No. 21, Fuhuiyuan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung 407, Taiwan., company VAT number 91113144.

For any other legal information, please visit the sections General Terms and Conditions of Sale , Return Policy ,Warranty Policy and Privacy Policy of the Website. FIWFIW may amend or simply update all or part of these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Any amendment or update of the General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be posted for our users on the Website as soon as such amendments or updates have been made and shall be binding as soon as you access the Website after they are amended. If you do not agree to all or part of the Website's General Terms and Conditions of Use, please do not use our web site.

The access to and use of the Website, including display of web pages, communication with Provider, downloading product information and making purchases on the web site, are carried out by our users exclusively for personal purposes, which should in no way be connected to any trade, business or professional activity. Remember that you will be liable for your use of the Website and its contents. FIWFIW shall not be considered liable for any use of the web site and its contents made by its users that is not compliant with the laws and regulations in force, without prejudice to Provider's liability for intentional torts and gross negligence.

In particular, you will be liable for communicating information or data which is not correct, false or concerning third parties (in the event such third parties have not given their consent) as well as for any improper use of such data or information.

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General Terms and the Conditions of Sales

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale ("T&Cs")govern the offer and sale (together with the documents referred to below including the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions of Use) of services provided and listed products marked with the "FIWFIW" trademark("Products") in FIWFIW retail stores or on the website (the "Website").

Please read these T&Cs carefully before ordering any Services and/orProducts on the Website. By ordering any of our Products on the Website, you agree to be bound by these T&Cs.

The Products purchased on the Website are sold by FIWFIW Co., Ltd. with registered office in No.21, Fuhui Parkway., Xitun Dist., Taichung 407, Taiwan, company VAT number 91113144 ("FIWFIW" or "we"or "us").

For any other legal information, please go to the following sections of the Website: Privacy Policy , Sales and the Warranty Policy.

The effective date of these General Terms and Conditions of sale is 1st August2022.

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Warranty Policy

1.1  FIWFIW warrants to the consumer that the Services will be carried out after both parties agree on the scope of service and quotation and will comply with the specifications. TWO (2) Months from the day the service item(s)is(are) delivered to the consumer (on the day of pick-up in person shall prevail, and/or the date of receipt shall prevail for home delivery), should the same part(s) of restoration is(are) again prevail the exact damage situation before the repair which was not caused by regular daily use or intentional breakage, FIWFIW will be responsible for the follow-up free repair and bear there turn shipping fee under the condition that it is confirmed that it is indeedFIWFIW material defect and process error. However, the service that had been established, which should not constitute a refund or other derivative claims. 

1.2  This warranty applies only to Services which are a) provided by FIWFIW when paid services and invoice fact was valid. And/or for the product labeled or identified by the "FIWFIW" trademarks, trade name, or logo legally affixed to them and b) purchased by consumers from this Website. 

1.3  If a Product has manufacturing defects affecting the quality of theProduct or in any case of alleged lack of conformity of Products, in order to benefit from his/her rights under the Consumer Law of Taiwan, the consumer must notify the Client Services on +886 4 2251 1050 or Email us at: within theWarranty Period.  

1.4  The Product(s) should be returned to FIWFIW within 7 (seven) working days following notification to FIWFIW of the damaged or defective Products. FIWFIW shall bear the transportation and other necessary expenses for the return of the Product(s) to FIWFIW. 

1.5  Please be noted that the Appreciation period is non-trial period.FIWFIW will examine all Products returned as damaged or defective and in case of a lack of conformity, will replace or repair the Product, or, if this is not possible, refund the price paid. 

1.6  FIWFIW will refund the price and your costs of returning defectiveProducts using the same method originally used by you to pay for the purchase.If the recipient of the Products indicated in the order form is different from the individual who made the payment for such Products, the amount paid for returned items shall be refunded to the individual who made the payment. 

1.7  In the event that FIWFIW finds no fault with the requested exchangeProduct(s), you will be notified on the above and that the exchange cannot be accepted and you may elect to have such Product(s) re-delivered to you. If you do not accept re-delivery, FIWFIW reserves the right to retain the Products and the purchase price. 

1.8  This warranty does not apply (i) if the serviced item has been subject to faulty and improper use, repair, alteration and/or modification in any way that is further serviced by others instead of FIWFIW; (ii) to damages caused by failure to follow the instructions covered in the documentation for the Products or other specific instructions from FIWFIW; (iii) if the Product is damaged by misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, normal wear and tear and deterioration ,improper environmental conditions or lack of responsible care, (iv) to damages due to any other cause not related to defective design, FIWFIW’s workmanship and/or materials.  

1.9 This warranty is in addition to your legal rights in relation to Products that are faulty or not as described. 

1.10 Shopping at FIWFIW's physical stores will not apply to the seven-day appreciation period, and no return or exchange service will be provided for purchases in physical stores.